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Since we started our company back in 2011, with an existing 15 years prior experience, we have focused on providing a great customer experience from beginning to end. We work hard at earning your trust, confidence and continued repeat business. Our process and our people are simply the best.


Let’s talk about our process for making sure customer requirements are 100% met, with high quality and a competitive price. Here is a snapshot of what you should expect from us after you award us your business:


Step 1 - As the President and Project Manager, I meet with you to listen to you and understand your requirements and finalize the full description of the work to be done, materials to be used, safety and other success factors. I am an expert at getting all the requirements well defined.


Step 2 - We go onsite and do a good job of inspection, measurements, and observations to make sure that the requirements, specifications and details will work. We are truthful about everything we see - especially possible risks or details you need to know about upfront.


Step 3 - We buy from high-quality suppliers that have been selected because they have the best materials and service, are available on-time when needed, offer competitive prices, do their part to keep us and you the customer satisfied, and they work with us to avoid rework, defects or safety issues.


Step 4 - We have a vast network of factory trained and certified installers who will perform installations according to the work requirements and our detail plans. As Project Manager, I oversee the installation, even if it is your own crew, and stay in close communication with you. I make sure you see what I see. 

Step 5 - When installation is complete, I revisit the site and inspect the work to make sure it is correct, complete and most of all, you are satisfied. I also prefer, you and I, perform a final walk through for your final inspection and acceptance process. 


We welcome the opportunity to provide exceptionally good service to you.


Wanda M. Rachal, President

SFC, PLUS (Shelving and Filing Concepts, Plus)


Do you need help solving problems with Storage?  Recovering Space? Securing Items? Getting organized? Expediting Info Retrieval? Complying with Safety Standards?

We Save You Time, Space and Money!!!  

Offering no cost/on-site
space analysis!


SFC formed in 2011 w/ 15+ prior years experience!

1000+ and the list is growing!

Unlimited products/brands/suppliers

Year Established

Projects Completed

Contractors Available



Tecovas Boots- The world-famous Texas Tecovas Stores carry the best boots and accessories at the best prices.  A vast stock of various sizes and styles of product is a must! A hi-density storage system allows for 4 x's the capacity over traditional shelving. 

Being able to have all the sizes on hand prevents a customer from having to walk out empty handed! Great new pair of boots = Happy Customer :)

Plano Tecovas boots.PNG

Tecoval Boots

Plano Tecovas belts.PNG

Tecoval Belts and more

Plano Tecovas image 2.jpg
Tecovas Plano Install before image.jpg


Plano Tecovas image 3.jpg


Plano Tecovas image 2.jpg

Space Savings

Plano Tecovas image 1.jpg

NW Florida State College - This college project presented an excellent opportunity to design and install our unique hi-density mobile shelving system in the college performance arts center. The shelving is designed with hanger bars to store costumes.. how fun!!!! (and smart!)  :)

NW Florida State College 1.PNG
NW Florida State College 2.PNG

Avoyelles Parish Clerk of Court - This government project presented an excellent opportunity to design and install a custom shelving system that optimized the efficiency of use and the space available for the Clerk of Court. 

Shelving doesn't have to be ugly! This bright white color livens up the  room and offers a welcoming feeling to the public!

Avoyelles Parish Clerk Seal.PNG
Avoyelles Parish Clerk of Courts Resized

Avoyelles Parish Clerk of Court - Here are a few of the storage designs we installed and fit to the new annex that the Parish Clerk of Court recently had renovated for records storage. 

Avoyelles Parish Clerk of Courts Resized


Office: 318-308-9528
Cell:    601-750-7143
Wanda M. Rachal, Owner


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